Earn and learn as a Lloyds Banking Group Apprentice

If you’re making a decision about what to do after you finish school, or looking for a career change, our Apprentices might be able to help you make your decision. They’ve been there, done that and have a few words about their apprentice journey with us so far and how they got here.


Afeefa Ali

The football captain who’s managing an international business integration project.

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Ashleigh Hickman

The coder who’s helping build a new generation of banking products.

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Asim Hussain

The software champion who’s helping to keep our computer servers healthy.

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Joshua Bray

The tech wizard who’s changing the way we approve mortgages.

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Jozie-Anne Smart

The former chemical engineer who’s helping to improve how we work with businesses.

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Diana Prenclava

The aspiring prime minster who’s inspiring success across our organisation.

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Robin Barlow

The theatre actor who’s refreshing his career skills.

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