Afeefa Ali



The football captain who’s managing an international business integration project

Helping students to start their careers, delivering national and international projects and winning Change Trainee of the Year – Apprentice Afeefa Ali reflects on her journey with us so far.


Draw on your experiences

"Before I applied to the Project Management Apprenticeship, all I had to put on my CV was my part-time job, but then I started thinking about the other things I've done. I was Head Girl at school, Head of Student Council at college and I was a football captain. All of your experiences matter, so don't be afraid to include them!"

School days

"I knew from the end of my first year at college that I didn't want to go to university. I needed something hands on, and I can honestly say that the LBG Project Management Apprenticeship is one of the best decisions I've ever made. My friends are all competing to join the same graduate schemes, but I've already got a foundation degree and a full-time job that I love."

Inspiring the next generation

"I speak every year at National Apprenticeship Week to around 200 students, telling them about my journey and how an apprenticeship can help them. I want to change perceptions that apprenticeships are old-fashioned - not a lot of people know how helpful they can be or how many life-changing opportunities they can give you."

International manager

"I'm managing one of the biggest credit card integration projects in Europe. Recently LBG bought the MBNA credit card from Bank of America, now we need to move all of the data onto our systems, it's one of the most talked about projects across the Group."

A star in the making

"After delivering some huge projects during my apprenticeship, I won the Change Trainee of the Year Award for the whole of Lloyds Banking Group! Off the back of that, I got to present my achievements to the company's Executive Committee."


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