Ashleigh Hickman



The coder who's helping build a new generation of banking products

Learning how to code, helping us to change the way we operate overdrafts for millions of our customers and finding the next generation of banking talent - LBG Apprentice Ashleigh Hickman reflects on her journey with us so far.


Win-win situation

“I had an unconditional offer to study physical education at York University, but I didn’t want to end up in loads of debt, or worse still, not find a job when I graduated. A Lloyds Banking Group Apprenticeship seemed perfect. Now, I’m getting experience and studying for a qualification – all with a guaranteed job at the end.”

Never a truer word spoken

“Recently, I’ve started interviewing people for apprenticeship positions across Lloyds Banking Group, and the words ‘be yourself’ couldn’t be more true! I know everyone says it, but when people start talking about what they’re interested in, whatever it may be, it helps to form a bond with the people interviewing you.”

On-the-job coding

“I’m learning to code on the job, alongside a trained professional. He shows me how to do something, deletes it all and then coaches me through the process again. It’s really helpful as I can ask him questions, there and then.”

Game changer

“The first project that I worked on was huge! It changed the way we charged interest for overdrafts. My role was to help test the system and make sure everything was printed right. It went out to millions of customers, all across the UK.”

Setting a precedent

“There aren’t as many women working in IT as there should be. I want to help be a part of that change and inspire the next generation of young women in the industry.”


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