Asim Hussain



The software champion who's helping to keep our computer servers healthy

Integrating new software on a national scale, learning skills for life and inspiring the next generation of students - Apprentice Asim Hussain reflects on his journey with us so far.


The science behind the decision

“I used to love chemistry at school, but studying it at university made me realise it wasn’t for me. Then I found the Lloyds Banking Group Infrastructure Technician Apprenticeship online. I’d always been into computers, and I thought, ‘A good salary as well as an education at the same time?’.  Easy decision!”

Skills for life

“I’ve been on Systems Applications and Products (SAP) training, and network and security training  courses. Now, I can set up a server for a business and set up the systems applications, all on my own! These are skills I’ll have for life.”

Upgrading the organisation

“Colleagues across the bank use certain software, but when it becomes old, we need to do a full system refresh. Instead of me watching someone do that, the company sent me on the courses to give me the skills to do it myself and now I’m upgrading the servers for 70,000 of our employees!”

Helping the next generation

“I’ve helped to set up a workshop with other LBG Apprentices, where we go to schools and talk about apprenticeships, how to build your personal brand and manage your finances. We want to help the next generation, give them the whole picture of apprenticeships and how they can help to start their career.” 


Afeefa Ali

Afeefa Ali

Joshua Bray

Joshua Bray