Diana Prenclava



The aspiring Prime Minster who’s inspiring success across our organisation

Studying for a national qualification, helping businesses trade internationally and inspiring her team to succeed – LBG Apprentice Diana Prenclava reflects on her journey with us so far.


Move on up

“While studying Political Science, my dream was to become the first woman Prime Minister of Latvia! But another woman beat me to it! After that, I moved to the UK and started my career with Halifax as a cashier. Gradually I moved my way up, then I started in a Commercial Banking role. That’s where I started the Relationship Manager Apprenticeship. Knowing I could continue doing my job and study for a qualification, it was an easy decision!”

Safe hands

“Currently I’m looking after one of our client’s business portfolios. When they apply for lending, I have to assess whether there’s a risk, or whether it’s beneficial for the bank to lend the company funds, it’s a huge responsibility!”

The champion

“In my last role, I was an engagement champion for two years. I had to make sure my team – and the wider teams I work with – were motivated to succeed. LBG gave me the tools to run workshops and conduct research to find out how to inspire colleagues. I got to know everyone so much better afterwards, and it turned out that our team had the highest engagement score across the organisation!”

Hot off the press

“As part of my engagement champion role, the company gave me the chance to run my own publication with a colleague. Every month we’d produce a team magazine, all about our colleagues, what we’re doing and how we’re improving. Including this as part of my job was great, it was very creative and LBG were very encouraging!”

Leading from the front

“Recently, my manager encouraged me to lead parts of a meeting with an international client. I prepared some slides and talked to them about how they could trade internationally – something they were struggling to do – using a certain tool. They were amazed at how we could help, and thanks to my team and I, they want to use the tool for their business.”


Jozie-Anne Smart

Jozie-Anne Smart

Ashleigh Hickman

Ashleigh Hickman