Robin Barlow



The theatre actor who's refreshing his career skills

Making a difference to our customer's lives, helping us to make an impact overseas and studying for a qualification - Apprentice Robin Barlow reflects on his journey with us so far.


A chance to refresh

“I’ve worked for LBG since 2007, starting off in Customer Services and then working my way up to a Senior Adviser. After I saw an internal advert for the LBG Apprenticeship, I grabbed it with both hands. It’s been a while since I’ve been in education, and this is a great way to refresh my skills and learn a new way of doing things.”

Study time, when you need it

“Lloyds Banking Group are brilliant for giving you time off to study. I have two hours, twice a week, set aside to prepare for my upcoming exams . If you need more time, they’re happy to review your requests, they support you like that. I also do some theatre acting and if I need time off to practice, I’d be supported in that too.” 

Impact on the Emerald Isle

“When a new insurance product was first introduced, LBG gave me the opportunity to go to the Republic of Ireland to test our systems out. It was an incredible experience working on a big project like that, it lasted for three months!”

Making a big difference

“For me, speaking to customers on the phone, hearing their voice when they first call, then hearing how happy they are after you’ve helped them, you can’t beat it. I once helped a customer who was having a really tough time, they were so glad to have someone to talk to. It’s those moments where you really feel like you’re making a difference to someone’s life that make the job worthwhile.”


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