Real questions, real answers

Got questions about apprenticeships? You’re in good company. In fact, more than 500 people in a survey told us what they most wanted to know. The result is what you see here: a treasure trove of real answers from people who know best – our apprentices (and sometimes their parents!). Enjoy.

What's being an apprentice really like?

Find out what life as an apprentice is really like. You won’t be making tea – you’ll be owning projects, leading teams and coming up with new ideas to help our customers. You’ll also gain independence and learn new skills, while getting paid.

Hear from these LBG apprentices about their experiences.

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What is a degree apprenticeship?

Ever wondered how degree apprenticeships really work? Or had questions like: When do I go to university? Do I get time off work to study? Who pays for my degree?

Hear from one of LBG’s degree apprentices about her experience and discover whether a degree apprenticeship could be right for you.

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Are apprenticeships only for school leavers?

Discovering apprenticeships slightly later in life? No problem – at LBG you can start an apprenticeship at any point in your career. Just like Vickie did.

Hear from Vickie about her experience of being an apprentice at LBG and how it revitalised her career.

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How far can you go with an apprenticeship?

There are lots of myths and misconceptions about apprenticeships and how far they can take you in your career. The short answer? Right to the top.

But don’t take our word for it, hear Eleanor and her mum about how an apprenticeship has kickstarted her career. 

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