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Setting new standards for an international organisation

Would you like to earn, learn and work for the UK's largest digital bank? A Lloyds Banking Group Apprenticeship is a great opportunity for you to explore your interests, discover new ones and make an impact on millions of our customers' lives, all while getting paid. So what are you waiting for?

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Are you a creative thinker? Do you enjoy developing ideas and collaborating with others to make those a reality? Are you inquisitive, analytical and eager to find new ways of doing things? Do you enjoy tackling complex problems?

Our Professional Services teams are constantly looking for ways to make our organisation better, faster and stronger - ultimately improving the experience for our customers and colleagues. Fancy joining them? You could help change the way we build products for millions, support investigations into risk management or even design new processes for Lloyds Banking Group.

What roles are available?

Within Professional Services there are a number of roles you can choose from. Want to tackle complex problems and find new ways of doing things internally? Or do you want to help us decide which business risks we should take or avoid? Whatever you're interested in, we have an opportunity for you.

Financial Analyst

Our Finance teams are at the heart of our organisation, helping to improve how we work day to day. In this role, you'll undertake financial and product control to support Lloyds Banking Group on making big decisions on how we change for the better.

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Internal Auditor

Help us identify problems across every part of Lloyds Banking Group, in an independent, consultative role. We’re looking for innovative thinkers and team-players. People with an eye for detail who are keen to make an impact.

What skills do I need?

We accept applicants for the Professional Services Apprenticeship from all backgrounds, but before you apply, have a think about your skills and if they would be suited to this job family, or explore our other families . Here are some key skills that our Professional Services Apprentices have. They: 

  • Enjoy solving problems, big or small
  • Can positively impact people around them with their ideas
  • Are organised and focused with their daily tasks
  • Can manage relationships with colleagues and clients
  • Are good at simplifying complex ideas for any audience 

What will you be doing?
Here are a few things that Professional Services Apprentices do day to day: 

  • Solve different business problems across Lloyds Banking Group
  • Review and improve processes to make us more efficient
  • Work closely with senior leaders across the business
  • Provide expert guidance and support for the various teams across our business 

Learning and development

We'll support your development and help you build your new career from day one. You'll learn how to network across a national organisation, use different technologies to help millions of customers and join volunteering initiatives, as well as learn from experienced business leaders who'll inspire you to develop as a person and a professional.

Where could these roles take your career?

With a Professional Services Apprenticeship, you'll be a key part of our transformation, ultimately helping us to solve a variety of problems - big or small - across Lloyds Banking Group. You may be responsible for researching different risks and threats to the bank, which could lead to a Risk Manager role. Or you may be helping to manage large projects, which could lead to a Project Manager role.


Something for everyone

Whether you've just left school, or need a career change, we want to hear from you. Simply register your interest and we'll get back to you as soon as there's a position available.