Adyam Mehari

Insurance Products and Financial Planning Solutions Graduate

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Overcoming her fear of public speaking, changing the way LBG insure millions of customers’ homes and giving back to the community – Insurance Products and Financial Solutions Planning graduate Adyam Mehari reflects on her LBG journey so far.


Walk the walk, talk the talk

“On my first week, my line manager approached me to host a cultural café – which is a place for colleagues of different backgrounds to come together and learn about other cultures. For someone who didn’t really like public speaking, this was huge for me, and the fact they believed in me gave me a lot of confidence. I’ve hosted two so far, and now I’m presenting the launch session for a colleague development programme.”

Home improvements

“I recently introduced an extra step to our insurance claims process. Now, we send one of our colleagues out to the address to identify how we can best help the customer, which we didn’t do before. The responsibility I had with the project was huge, and being able to see the impact you’re making on people’s lives is unbelievably rewarding.”

A splash of colour

“The opportunities to give back with LBG are incredible. In particular, the ‘Day to Make a Difference’ initiative when we take a day out of our schedules to do charity work. Last year we painted a community centre. It was really exciting to just learn something new.”

A strong support network

“The management here are fantastic. It's literally like a friend’s talking to you and saying ‘Are you OK? Here's the help we can offer. Do you need more? What else can we help you with?’ The support is always there, anytime you need it.”

Application tips

“The best way to practice for the video interview is to record yourself on your phone. It helps massively, even though it’s a bit uncomfortable at first. I ended up doing little awkward laughs and having awkward jokes with myself during the interview, as silly as it sounds. I think that definitely helped me show a certain side of my personality.”


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