Alex Subert

Retail Customers and Products Graduate


Helping to steer Lloyds Banking Group’s digital strategy for 2019, organising a three peaks challenge for a national charity and taking a team of 300 hundred around the UK – Retail Customers and Products graduate Alexandra Subert talks about her LBG journey so far.


Big responsibilities, big opportunities

“The opportunity here to see your work make a difference is huge. I didn’t think that by joining as a graduate I’d have as much responsibility as I do now. For example, I’m helping to develop the digital strategy for 2019 for the Group’s brands, like Halifax and Scottish Widows. It’s a big job, and I’m working on the information pack that I’ll present to the directors of the business.”

Heatwave Ben Nevis

“I’m the Chair of the Helping Britain Prosper Graduate Committee, and as part of that I work with Mental Health UK. For one of our fundraising events, I organised and took part in the three peaks challenge with my colleagues. We ended up tackling Ben Nevis in 28 degree heat, then climbing Snowdon at sunset. It was a really special event, 30 colleagues completed it and raised thousands for Mental Health UK.”

Walk this way

“I oversee all of our fundraising projects that are designed to Help Britain Prosper, as well as the 300 plus graduates who work on them. One of the projects I’m working on is the Walk the Talk events, which are organised treks across all parts of the UK. It’s going to be huge!”

Busting perceptions

“My dad’s a banker – he’s an old white man in a suit (sorry Dad!). I thought that that was the profile of your average banker. In actual fact, it couldn’t be further from the truth. There’s lots of young people here from all different kinds of backgrounds who have joined us through different routes into Lloyds Banking Group.”

Application tips

“For the video interview and the assessment centre, it’s very easy to try and be what you think the interviewer wants. In actual fact, be authentic, then you’ll realise whether or not Lloyds Banking Group is right for you. Be yourself to work out if it’s the perfect fit.”

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