Anastasiia Gorodetckaia

Risk Management Graduate


Learning how to automate with AI, leading a national initiative to train the next generation of coders and dancing salsa – Risk Management graduate Anastasiia Gorodetckia reflects on her LBG journey so far.


The world of technology

“After my degree I wanted to do something exciting, I was fascinated by the financial crisis at the time – it gave me more insight into why good finance is important in society. At a careers fair, I started talking to a woman from LBG – she told me about the Risk programme and how they were using next-generation technology to assess different financial risks. My biggest surprise was getting into the technology world – that's not the kind of the background that I have!"

Learning to build robots

“I wanted to develop my coding skills, so I went on a course and now I’m delivering a Group-wide coding project. I learnt how to create robotic process automation (RPA) programmes – which complete data tasks that normally take people hours, in minutes. Now, I’m using those skills to automate manual tasks across Lloyds Banking Group.”

Teaching the next generation

“I’m involved with Code Club – which helps children learn to code. It’s run across 5,000 schools in the UK, which is huge. I’ll be leading my first session this September.”

Putting in the legwork

“When I first started, people were saying, ‘Oh, are you coming for salsa tonight?’. Every second Thursday, people from my floor go and dance. I had no idea this was a social group – that's how I got to know everyone.”

Big risk, big reward

“One of the big tasks here in Risk is to assess customer loan applications. When a customer applies for a loan, and the system is not able to accept or decline, it gets referred to teams who look at the applicant more closely. This can be quite slow. One of my jobs is to use machine automation to collect all this data and bring it together for the those teams more quickly and in a more visual way.”

Application tip

“Get in touch with people who are already working in LBG. The website is really helpful – there's a way to connect with colleagues on there and ask them questions, which not all banks do.”

What’s next?

“Whatever happens in the future, I want to stay close to technology, particularly data analytics. For me that’s the biggest thing here, experimenting with technology and figuring out how it can be useful for somebody.”


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