Hebe Wildi

Client Solutions Graduate


Learning how to help international businesses, supporting the national re-structuring of UK banks and making the most of a non-traditional degree – Client Solutions graduate Hebe Wildi speaks about her LBG journey so far.


A different way of learning

“I took part in the LBG Scholars programme, which is for students from low-income backgrounds. It was great because LBG knows that students might not know that much about how the banking industry works, so they encouraged me to go out and meet people across the Group. It was more like having coffee and talking to people about all the different areas rather than sit here and learn how to use an Excel spreadsheet.”

Across the world for 180 days

“When I applied for an international placement on my graduate programme, I never thought I'd get the chance to live for six months in Singapore. It was incredible! I worked on global transactions projects between different businesses, learnt about LBG and experienced a new culture.”

Top down from the bottom up

“Recently, a legislation was passed that stated that if you’re a bank with over £25 billion of deposits, you need to split into two banks, one that is a ‘safer’ bank, and one that deals with corporate lending. So I worked on that project in our market’s area, which meant working with banks to figure out how they were going to split. It was the biggest project LBG has done in a long time.”

What did you say you studied?

“Molecular Biology. It's basically the biology of very, very small things. My initial thought was that I couldn’t go into banking because I've not studied finance or economics, and I don't read the newspaper as much as I should. But, those assumptions couldn’t be further from the truth! LBG encourage people with all different degrees to apply, and the skills you have are always useful.”

Back of the net

“I worked with two other graduates and we organised a football tournament in aid of Mental Health UK. Over a hundred colleagues from the commercial banks came together to play five-a-side football; we raised a few thousand for the charity.”



Hashem Ejaz

Hashem Ejaz

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