Joel Buckett

Client Relationship Management Graduate


Teaching children to speak English, re-working the way we train our colleagues and choosing the walk-out music to his next boxing match – Client Relationship Management graduate Joel Buckett reflects on his LBG journey so far.


Changing the way we train

“My first big project was to change the way we train our colleagues. We have mandatory training and I chose the questions and designed how it looked. There's 70,000 people working for Lloyds Banking Group, and they’re all answering my questions!”

Dealing with a billion abroad

“I analyse credit on other banks, which means assessing how risky they are. I was working with a huge international bank recently, and had to assess whether it was good to put large sums of our money at risk with them or not – no pressure!”

Teaching the next generation

“The LBG Scholars programme is for university students from low-income families, and it’s great because LBG supports you through university with bursaries and offers you two internships. My first one was in retail banking, so I was helping to design the strategy behind our retail bank.
I also volunteered during work hours in the Percy Shurmer Academy – a primary school in Birmingham which has the lowest English-speaking rate in the country. I spent 100 hours helping children to improve their English and learn basic maths.”

Can’t stop, won’t stop

“I do competitive Thai boxing and LBG support me. The flexible working element is great like that. I don’t know who my next opponent is, and I’m still trying to figure out my walk-out music. Last time it was Red Hot Chili Peppers – ‘Can’t Stop’.”

Earning and learning

“I’m doing a Chartered Financial Analyst qualification right now and nationally, only 15% of people who start it end up completing it. Rather than just paying for us to sit the exam, LBG are also paying for us to do additional classes outside of work. We also get extra materials and access to online courses.”


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