Sam Vijay

Enterprise Leadership Graduate


Transforming the loan process across our business, leading himself and his team to success and watching a Cardiff rugby match with his colleagues – Enterprise Leadership graduate Sam Vijay reflects on his journey with us so far.


From Hong Kong to Aberdeen

“After university, I was still keen to travel and explore the UK. LBG has offices all over the country, which was one of the big drivers for me to join. I was in Hong Kong when I got the job offer. I wasn't expecting the call, and they gave me two location choices. One was Newcastle, one was Aberdeen, having the choice was great, I ended up going with Aberdeen!”

The chance to make a big impact

“We talk about putting the customer first, and it’s not just words. Recently, we removed certain fees on fixed-rate loans, which is significantly improving the way our customers pay us back. What always resonates with me is doing something that will have an impact on an LBG customers.”

It’s in your hands

“LBG really prioritises development time. It’s so important here. There are lots of training courses that are sponsored internally and your line manager will support you with, whether that’s the course fees and other costs or giving you time to study during work. We also have various learning platforms which give you access to many courses, whether that's project management, learning to code or fundamentals like improving your Excel skills.”

Rugby with the team

“My team at LBG is brilliant, I have five colleagues working for me and we’re all really close. We go out for team lunches, have drinks and do sporting stuff as well. We're all going to a rugby match together in a week!”

Application tips

“Remember: this is a development programme, so no one is expecting you to be the finished article. When you go to the assessment centre, the biggest thing is to relax and reassure yourself that it's OK not to be absolutely perfect and not to know everything about the banking industry.”


Joel Buckett

Joel Buckett
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Adyam Mehari

Adyam Mehari