Josh Reynolds

Group Services internship


Safeguarding customers’ finances from cybercriminals and analysing the future of payments, Josh Reynolds tells us how his internship has taken him on an unpredictable journey.


Finding joy in Payments and Prevention

"Having studied business studies, I didn't think I’d work for a bank, but I did my LBG internship in Payments and found out I really love banking. It’s actually quite exciting knowing how money goes from one place to another – for example, when we tap our cards. Now, as a graduate, I look for ways of preventing cybercrime – particularly in relation to our customers’ money and information."

Encouraged to aim higher

"From the first day of my internship, my manager was really supportive and friendly. He felt I was capable, so went straight into teaching me about the bank and what my role would be. That’s an LBG approach that makes me want to aim higher all the time."

We really hit it off

"Throughout my internship, my team would get together for relaxed socials – like playing mini golf in London. They were all really helpful and I felt looked after. People get excited to share their knowledge and make time to sit down and chat with you, too."

Fresh eyes, fresh ideas

"My biggest project on the internship was helping my team create a paper on the future of payments – basically how technology will impact the way we buy things. I wasn’t an expert on the subject, but because I came in with a fresh set of eyes they asked my opinion on everything! That paper was used to help shape the strategic direction of payments in the future."

Helping others and growing

"One of the best things of my internship was contributing to a charity challenge for Mental Health UK. I teamed up with interns from across the UK and we ran a collective marathon – each person would fundraise and then run three to four miles.  The Intern challenge is being run again this year, except this time I’m advising the interns organising it. It’s been really interesting to suddenly switch roles from intern to advisor!"


Saif Beejay

Saif Beejay

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Maisie Brammall