Maisie Brammall

Retail Customers and Products internship


Traveling across the UK as an intern, running charity events and using her experience from writing history essays to write up reports, Maisie Brammall reflects on her journey with us so far.


All expenses paid – and then some

"I did my internship in Bristol, but I was lucky because I got to spend two weeks in London to meet the rest of the team. It was all paid for – accommodation and expenses, in both places, which was a big tick for me because being at uni, funds were low. It’s really cool that you get your own laptop and phone too!"

Fun work with impact

"I’d start most mornings by getting a coffee with my line manager and checking emails. I was creating a toolkit for our colleagues to use when they visit new clients, so I had to reach out to different people within my team, get their advice and learn about what they did. It was really fun but also quite stretching. I learned a lot about even simple things, like how to structure a professional email."

You can get a lot out of giving

"We ran our own charity challenge bake sale for Mental Health UK, as well as a charity cycle ride and a pop quiz. That was really fun because you’re not only working for a good cause but you’re also alongside other interns from all different schemes and learning about what they are doing, while making friends too."

From intern to graduate

"At the end of the internship, I was really excited to be referred onto the Graduate Programme. Now I'm working in Retail Customers and Products, where my job is to make sure I am the customer voice for my team, keeping up to date with the latest trends and insights to help shape the project going forward."

Working in confidence

"Presenting to big groups of people makes me quite nervous, and since my internship, I’ve really pushed myself to do it more. There’s been loads and loads of support. If there’s a meeting where my team has to present something, I’ll always put my hand up because it’s the only way I’m going to get better and grow."


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