Naomi Walker

Risk internship


Learning to code, seeing her skills transfer in ways she hadn’t imagined and building a network that’s helping her grow – Naomi Walker shares the best moments of her journey with us so far.


The right fit

"For me, applying to Lloyds Banking Group just felt right. I thought it was a good match for my skills and experience, based on what I did well at school and what I enjoyed at uni. The recruitment team came back to me quickly throughout the application process, and everyone at the assessment centre was really welcoming. I felt valued from the start."

In the beginning

"My first task in Risk involved learning to write very basic code, (which you definitely don’t learn to do on a Geography degree!). Soon, I was able to fix issues in our programmes or work out ways to improve them. . Before long, I was writing completely new code which helped us better understand new customers applying for mortgages with us."

Plenty of room to grown

"I’ve built on so many of my skills here, it’s been brilliant! I really enjoy learning and I want to keep doing new and different things. I’ve developed technical skills, but I’ve really noticed how well I’ve developed my transferable skills too. For example, I’ve really improved how I communicate and learned a lot about strategy."

Seeing the changes

"I think my personality has changed quite a lot. At the beginning of my internship, I really enjoyed working on my own and on things that were quite mathematical and analytical. I can still do that, but now I really enjoy working things through as a team as well."

The mentor network

"Having a mentor to check in with is really valuable. I think it helps so much with development because you can have different mentors at different stages. For me, it means I’m building up a network of support and there’s always someone to turn to when I need advice."

What to be when I grow up

"When I was deciding what to study at uni, I had no idea what I wanted to be – and I still don’t! But in some ways, that’s what’s great about Lloyds Banking Group. It has a brilliant culture, really open, very flexible, really supportive of individuals, and you get lots of support to do different things and succeed."


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