Saif Beejay

Client Management internship


Big responsibilities, a supportive team and stimulating digital challenges, Saif Beejay tells us how his LBG journey started out and how it’s been shaping his career so far.


A warm welcome

"The best part of my internship was definitely the people I worked with. That includes my line manager, my team and my extended network of interns.  Everyone within the business, was hugely welcoming and guided me with the perfect balance of support and independence."

My digital impact

"Using my computer literacy and digital skills from university to affect real change within the team was an incredible opportunity for me. Working with automation, statistical analysis and big data manipulation to solve challenges energised me on a day-to-day basis. The team was really responsive to change and adopted some of my ideas. Working in such a digitally dynamic and engaging environment made me sure I wanted to come back!"

The LBG difference

"I found that Lloyds Banking Group’s culture massively differed to what I would call ‘traditional banking’. People really try to instil their values in everything they do and you can tell everyone genuinely cares about their job and the impact they’re making – they’re hardworking and open to ideas."

Market knowledge

"Working on live deals with a vast range of clients was exciting yet challenging. Keeping a keen eye on the market and working with large amounts of information was integral. This was a really exciting part of my internship, and allowed me to develop a range of skills."

Inclusive from the start

"Being paired up with a ‘buddy’ from one of the graduate programmes made me feel part of the team from day one. My buddy was exceptional! She was genuinely keen to help me by introducing me to people, answering any questions I had or inviting me out to dinner and socials with the other grads."

Friends like family

"I found it really, really easy to make friends with other people on the internship. It helped that we were going through similar experiences, but there was also a sense of shared values. Working in London, with a large cohort of interns, meant that after work we would often try and catch some dinner or hit up a gallery! Some of them are now based around the UK, but we still make a point of keeping in touch and meeting for coffee or lunch whenever we can."

Setting goals

"My line manager really helped me plan my time. She asked, "What do you want to get out of these 10 weeks? Where do you want to be in five weeks’ time?” We talked about what we thought were good goals and I drove to achieve them – including receiving an offer to join the graduate programme. It was great to have that open dialogue because by the end of the internship, I knew I had made a real difference and been valued."


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